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Simplify resource allocation and leave no oversight

Monitor asset and facility utilization and ensures that maintenance work is done correctly.

Case study - Funan Mall

Operational pain points

Inefficient paper-based processes

Error-prone manual data entry 

Lack of reporting insights

Poor operational visibility & data loss 

Allocate Space provides an overview of all service jobs done at Funan, ensuring that the tasks carried out are in accordance to regulations and the requirements.

This includes: 

  • Past service records of assets 

  • How the task is carried out according to requirements

  • Features like managing work orders, requests, assets and a mobile app to manage maintenance tasks in the field.  

The finance team also make use of Allocate Space platform to manage the contractor’s claims and payments.

Funan Mall
Allocate Workflow

Case study - Assets

Assets tagging

With over 2000 equipments that requires regular maintenance in the building, it is difficult to keep track of every equipment in the building which reduces the visibility of work status.

The assets are tagged with NFC tags and technicians can get access to the general information of the assets and its’ past service records by scanning the tag before executing the maintenance.

Assets are from ACMV (Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System) and also fire protection equipments. 

Funan Mall

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